All about you…

You live in a fast-paced world with customers demanding that you provide the very best and cater to different tastes while you maintain exceptional quality.

Panache International’s sole purpose is to be your partner for life, supporting you in delivering delightful experiences inspired by what people aspire to.

We produce a wide range of disposable plastic products and packaging that are highly appealing to consumers worldwide, and rank among the world’s leading manufactures in terms of the quality and support we provide to our partners anywhere in the world.


The story…

Panache International made its inception in 2005 in the UAE and adopted the Japanese KAIZEN manufacturing systems to all our implementations and management techniques.

It is our systematic approach to constant and never ending improvement that results in products that guarantee that you, our partner, will achieve consumer satisfaction without fail.

In less than 8 years Panache tripled the capacity of its production to meet the requirements of a market that’s expanding rapidly. Consequently, our revenue grossed 6 folds. Such euphoric demand led our operation to take on another challenge, and so the work pitch became a non-stop performance trend lasting throughout the entire 24 hours of the day. This approach coincided with our new expansion of work which included our operation at Dubai International Production Zone (IMPZ).

We pride ourselves on round-the-clock, multi-shift performance, as it mirrors our dedication on every facet of the process, be it raw material, or state-of-the-art molding technology, or printings or packaging.

Our highly equipped facility is able to produce 6 million high quality plastic cups every 24 hours! To put this in perspective, we can load three 40-foot High Cube containers daily!


Wherever you are…

We have grown and at present we cater to 14 countries in the GCC, Africa, Europe, Australia, Pakistan, Russia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Libya, Ghana, Angola, Sudan, Ethiopia, Madagascar and South Africa. We have recently started exporting to several locations in North America including Canada. We also have our own distribution center in the UK


Product you love…

Our success story, Raha, which means “comfort” and “relaxation” in Arabic, established its position in the market as the first brand to offer polypropylene products. These are ergonomic and convenient to use, hygienic and non-toxic, microwave safe, recyclable and boast food-grade material. The Raha product range includes cups, plates, bowls, containers, lids, trays quite a few other items.

The latest member to join the family is Tyrra, a name synonymous with premium, high-end and lifestyle is being rolled out with exclusive suppliers, and is starting to receive great interest from the markets we are in.


Catering to your needs…

We welcome your inquiries and invite you to contact us.

No matter what you’re looking for in disposable plastic products and packaging, we are confident our array of products will exceed your expectations.


Your partners for life

Panache International